Review: ‘Final Destination’

Final Destination 3D is a three-dimensional thrill ride that leaves nothing to the imagination. What seems to be a cheesy and poorly thought out start to the movie actually turns out to be a shocking massacre that hits audience members square in the face – literally.

The action and gore doesn’t stop throughout the entire film. The omniscient feeling that someone is about to die leaves viewers stomachs in knots and their hands ready to shield themselves from flying guts and debris.

The three-dimensional aspect of the movie brings something completely new to the world of Final Destination. Without it, the movie would be just another group of kids running from their inevitable death.  Even when the action scenes aren’t happening the 3D doesn’t go unnoticed. The scenery is sharper and characters are placed in the foreground and background making for a very interesting view of the movie.

Not to mention, the characters are, for the most part, likeable, attractive, and easy to grow attached to.  death is nothing short of creative, and at many times they’re down right disgusting.  Enhanced by the magic of 3D, the images of the sliced, burned, and battered bodies are not easy to forget, but the trauma of it all is well worth the money and the experience.

The movie is rated-R and for good reason. This is not a movie for the faint of heart or the weak stomached, but if you’re in for a gory good time, this is definitely the movie for you.