Review: ‘Love Drunk’

This is only Boys Like Girls’ sophomore album, and they have already found much success with their prior self-titled album. Their first album is solid, and “Love Drunk” has a few gaps that were disappointing.

This album has a very different motif. The title of the album is pretty self explanatory, these guys are singing about love. From songs “Heart Heart Heartbreak,” “Love Drunk,” “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” and “Two is Better Than One,” it seems as though they are going a little overboard with the cheesy high-school-rocker-boy-in-love theme. This theme is used over and over again in many pop bands nowadays, which can lead some to say this album is not original.

With lyrics like “Don’t say you love me, don’t even” in “Heart Heart Heartbreak” and “We were seventeen and invincible” in “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” this album seems like BLG is trying to rekindle the memories of their high school relationships. The lyrics might be relatable, but nothing the listeners have not heard before.

Besides the usual pop-punk sound, BLG has a touch of country in some of their new tracks.

Pertinent in “Two is better than one,” acclaimed country star Taylor Swift is featured in this song. Lead singer Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift’s duet sounds like a slow love ballad. Swift’s style is overpowering in this song.

I was not impressed by this song, it sounded like a song for Swift’s country album, not this one.

“Go,” the last album on the track, ends with a six minute soft countryesque tune. The last two minutes of the song is concluded by a violin solo. These songs are more experimental than their previous, but will not appeal to those who like hearing the pop-punk style.

BLG are successful with fast and melodic tunes such as “Heart Heart Heartbreak,” “Love Drunk,” “Contagious,” “The shot heard ’round the world” and “Chemicals collide.” Those who like their first album will gravitate towards these songs.

Slower songs such as “Real Thing,” “Someone Like You,” “The First One” and “Two is Better Than One” lose the listener after the first minute or so.
If you are looking to buy this album, stick to iTunes; only half of these songs are really worth the purchase.