Wisecracks: Best of the Best

Teachers share the best joke they’ve ever heard


Essy Ingram

With no particular destination in mind, Mrs. Dena Dauve spreads her wings in anticipation for a long flight ahead.

All jokes were not created equally. Although they vary greatly in size, ranging from corny one-liners to drawn-out antics, their defining elements are highlighted within the joke itself. The teachers at FHC have heard many-a-joke in their lifetime and have finally agreed to convene and deliver the best jokes they’ve ever heard.

Mrs. Teresa Odle poses for a silly picture. Most of her jokes are donated by the trick-or- treaters that visit her house each year (Essy Ingram)

Mrs. Diana Unrein grins for the camera after sharing her riddle. (Essy Ingram)








While coaching the boy’s volleyball game, Mrs. Kelley stops to emote for the camera. Kelley first heard this joke from one of her AP World History students.