Harry’s Styles

Reviewing Harry Styles: Love on Tour outfits.

40 shows. 32 cities. 2 albums. One man. After being postponed for over a year, Harry Styles: Love on Tour has been sweeping the nation. If you’re anything like me, you’re a huge fan of Harry Styles. The British singer has captivated audiences since his days in One Direction, and students at FHC are no exception. Spartans across grade levels flocked to his concert at the Enterprise Center on Sept. 15. Harry Styles’s concerts draw large crowds of people dressed in elaborate outfits. I spent hours shopping for and trying on countless outfit combinations leading up to that night. We all put on our best outfit to see him, but did he do the same for us?

Over the course of Love On Tour, we have seen many styles and color combinations from Mr. Styles, some better than others. Now it’s time to put them to the test. Which of Harry’s outfits do I adore? And which are falling flat?

Starting off with the not-so-great ones…


Before we enter the good category, I have an honorable mention:

Harry Styles dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for “Harryween”. (Photo courtesy of @hsdlot on Twitter)

New York, NY October 30th:

Because this is technically a “Harryween” performance and not a Love on Tour concert, this is an honorable mention, but that doesn’t mean this outfit isn’t perfect. Since he sported a dress on the cover of Vogue magazine, I have enjoyed watching Harry push the boundaries of men’s fashion. This Dorothy Halloween costume is no exception.



Now on to the best of the best.

Enough about my outfit opinions, which of Harry’s tour outfits are FHC favorites? Here’s what a few students had to say:

We all have good and bad outfit days, Harry Styles is no exception, and while every outfit of his can’t be perfect, he retains his status as an icon in the fashion world. He isn’t afraid to experiment with crazy colors, patterns, and styles, and that’s something to admire. Whether you love him or hate him, it’s no secret that his music and even his clothes, inspire people. He encourages many to step outside their comfort zones, and I implore you to do the same. Try out a new style. Retry an old one. Wear a color you never wear. Harry would want you to.