Mr. FHC 2022


Maya Culian

Senior Jack Schiber

After two years FHC finally had their return of Mr. FHC on Friday, May 6. The event was run by FHC’s Student Council and had contestants: Jack Schriber, Bobby Soderstrom, Will Blumenberg, Ryan Getgood, and Gage Hendricks. They started the evening with a nice introduction and walk out and then followed with a questionnaire, a miracle a minute, and then a performance. Finally, after an evening of rapping, singing, harmonica playing, an eating contest, and raising over $1,000 the winner was announced, and Mr. FHC of 2022 was Ryan Getgood. Senior Bobby Soderstrom talked about the night and the overall experience.

“It was a fun time and great experience to show off what you can do while also knowing it’s all for a good cause,” Soderstrom said.

Now we wait for next year for the new Mr. FHC and consider joining stuco so you can help participate in the event or participate in Mr. FHC and maybe you could be the next Mr. FHC.