Kick Starting their Journey to State

Girls soccer advances to the quarterfinals to play Saint Dominic High School



Senior Jordyn Bailey prepares to kick the ball. As the girls soccer team heads into the quarterfinals they are hopeful for the future and proud of what lay behind them. “[This game means] a lot because we didn’t think we would make it this far in the beggining of the season,” Bailey said.

With each game, the looming idea “Could this game be my last?” grows more prominent in the mind of every senior athlete. 

Girls soccer has progressed to the state quarterfinals and are scheduled to play St. Dominic Saturday May 28. For senior Jordyn Bailey, this could mean the end of her soccer career or it could be a step in their pathway to state.

“I’m a mess right now because I’m not [playing soccer in college], so if we lose this we are out,” Bailey said. “But if we [win and] continue that’s such a way to go out.”

The stakes for this game are high as they prepare to take their swing at making it to the state game.

 Junior Kayla Fettig knows they have had a season full of ups and downs that started off rocky, but as the season has continued they stepped up and thrived through hard work and dedication. 

“We started off hitting some bumps in the road, but we’ve grown a lot and I think that our conference championship [allowed us to go into districts confidently], Fettig said. 

With all that they have learned this season and the strides they have made, Fettig is hopeful for the outcome of the game, but there is still work to be done and practices to be held. 

“We had two hard training sessions Monday [and] Tuesday… [to practice] agility and technical stuff,” Bailey said.

The achievements of the girls soccer team are made possible by not only the athletes, but by a dedicated and supportive head coach, Eddie Mulholland

“My goal is to provide the best possible experience for these girls and this game would be awesome to win. It’s just another opportunity to have fun and do our best,” Coach Mulholland said. 

The success of this team partly stems from the relationships built throughout the season. Team chemistry is vital to victory, and girls soccer has nailed this as relationships have blossomed on all levels of the program. 

“Since me and [MaryKate Neal]  [are the only seniors on the team] we have been more connected with the underclassmen and I think that’s really helped out playing,” Bailey said.  

FHC is hungry for a win and this game will be a hard fought win that will require chemistry and precision. 

“We’ve been focusing a lot on the little details and we’ve all been pushing each other and lifting each other up,” Fettig said. 

The team hopes their hard work will pay off in the form of a win, but they know that no matter what happens they won’t step off the field without a season to be proud of, Coach Mulholland said.

“The nerves are there but ultimately it’s just about enjoying the moment and the results will fall in place,” Coach Mulholland said.