Review: ‘Jennifer’s Body’

What could be one of the stupidest movie plots ever? Try a teenage girl who has to eat boys to stay beautiful. This whole movie is basically all about Megan Fox and how “hot” she is.

Jennifer and Needy are best friends. Jennifer is pretty much the alpha female of her school, while on the other hand, Needy is a geek. The two friends go to a bar to see a band when a fire strikes and burns down the place. Jennifer decides to hang with the band, and Needy goes home. Ever since Jennifer hung out with the band, she has been acting strange. She starts seducing boys and then secretly eats them; we later find out she does this to keep her beauty.

Jennifer keeps eating boys until eventually she gets to Needy’s boyfriend, Chip. A fight starts between the two former best friends, and Jennifer is then finally killed.

Although the movie had a few funny lines, most lines seemed too rehearsed and not very realistic. You could clearly notice that Megan Fox is acting. I felt like this movie was a little too immature for how good everyone has made it out to be. It also seemed like the slang was used in a childish manner. I would not recommend seeing this movie. Guys: don’t waste your time seeing this movie because Megan Fox stars in it, save your money and Google her.