Behind the March


The Spartan Regiment performing with different Middle School bands.


        For many students, the marching band is known for bringing the tunes, school spirit, and overall pep wherever they play. No matter the section or instrument, they always draw in the crowd with their energy and enthusiasm for the program. But behind the music, is a strong community grown from communication and confidence for themselves and each other.

        For senior drum major Anna Schwarm, the found-family between the members of the Spartan Regiment is what makes the experience so much more worth it. 

        “If you’re struggling to find a place where you feel like you fit in, the band is kind of an all safe. Because, we have every kind of person there,” Sch

warm said. “We have people who are there more for the community, and others who are there because of their love for the band and music.” 

        Junior Tony Valera was a newer member of the Spartan Regiment, but he did not expect the amount of support and friendships that would be created through the program.

        “I came in transferring from another highschool, knowing pretty much next to no one at this school.“ Valera reflects. ”I didn’t even intend on doing marching band, but the instant I did, I gained tons of friends.” 

         While the connections made throughout the program for these students are unmatchable, their bond wouldn’t be possible without their many events and competitions throughout the school year. 

         “We just went to O’Fallon township, which was a really cool moment. Especially as a drum major, we got to say a few words there,” Schwarm said. “September 17th, we are going to Howell High for a competition. Then we go to Arkansas around the beginning of October for a competition there. Bands of America is a huge competition we also do, and we have St. Genevieve which is a new one that we are excited for this year.”

        As the Spartan Regiment marches through their season, we have the pleasure of catching them at our own Friday night football games as they continue to rock the crowd and represent Francis Howell Central.