Victories for Varsity


Hectic Huddle: The girls huddle together to discuss the next play.

The varsity girls volleyball team has secured multiple wins this season, losing only twice, with a record of 12-4-3 as of Sept. 26. The team stated that the key to winning and being the strongest versions of themselves comes from communication between the girls and team solidarity, building up closeness and friendships.

Sophomore Jordan Smith spoke about how she believes the team can secure a win. 

“Mostly, we just need to work on staying positive, working hard, communicating properly and doing our correct jobs.”

The girls on varsity all agreed that the most important thing during their games is communication. Junior Zariyah Robinson describes the importance of communication and support for her teammates during the games. 

“I think communicating, and making sure that we’re uplifting each other, we can definitely improve on but in every sport that’s a thing that people need to work on,” Robinson said “I think this year we’re really wanting to build a strong team and really support the girls.”

The girls also expressed the importance of building connections within the team. Both Robinson and senior Faith Rekosh agreed on this.

“I definitely think the girls, like having that urgency on a team and that camaraderie that comes with it, is very rewarding. I love going after school and seeing these girls almost every day,” Robinson said.

Camaraderie is a very important aspect of playing on the team, building the girls up and overall making them stronger, increasing their comfortability and familiarity with each other, making communication off and especially on the court significantly easier. Rekosh said this as well.

Celebrating Success: The team comes together to hand out high-fives and congratulations. (Magi Temelkova)

“My favorite part of being on the team is the other girls. We’re all really close on and off the court, which is really nice.”