Family on the Field

A recap of the beginning of the Varsity Boys Soccer team’s season.


The team hugs before getting ready to play.

Following exhausting practices in excruciating heat and games in the crisp summer nights, the boys soccer team has had a successful season so far going 7-3.  One of their only losses being to the Spartans most significant adversary, Francis Howell High School. Senior Tyler Vandale describes the downfalls of the loss to the Vikings.

“I think the biggest cause of that game was we came in too cocky (because) we came in thinking we could beat them easily,” Vandale said. “We also thought they’re not as good as last year…We ended up playing a little sloppy in the first couple minutes and let in cheap goal at the very beginning and then second half let in another stupid goal.”

The team’s dynamic is very mixed. The players have a family aspect that adds so much more than what is required of a high school team. Senior Tanner Jones, attacking midfielder and forward describes the team’s character. 

Tanner Jones and Cristian Padilla fight to get the ball away from the other team. Photo By: Aniya Sparrow

“I’ve been seeing these guys,  some since kindergarten, some since sixth grade, some since freshman year,” Jones said. “Just having a deeper connection with them and actually understanding who your teammates are definitely helps.” 

The only freshman on varsity, Dominic Gianino, came in and impressed everyone at tryouts. All of his upper class teammates talk very highly of him. He has made a huge impact on varsity, playing right back and right wing, able to come in and make plays due to the extra amount of space he has. His teammates think of him as a little brother and protect him especially against those picking on him. All of the players throughout the program have said he deserves all of the things he gets on varsity. Senior Captain, Josh Goestenkors,said Gianino’s talent is making the team’s defense more well-rounded. 

“He’s very talented. He’s filled in our hole that we were missing on the defense,” Goestenkors said. ” He’s starting for us and he’s done a good job and he definitely deserves to play, he worked for it. And he’s only shown good for us.”

Come see them in action at Lou Fusz Soccer Park against Francis Howell North at 3:45 on Tuesday.