A Running Tally of Success


A mix of students at Sioux Passage race against the clock (and each other) on September 17th. They had put all of their focus into this meet and were looking forward to hearing the results.

FHC’s Cross Country team is looking forward to another school year filled with fun memories, events, and success. 

The team, although competitive, is very much like a self-training and improvement type of group. Senior Natalie Rudebeck enjoys how it’s based on each individual member, but generally with the same objective in mind.

“It’s more of a ‘work on you’ sport,” Rudebeck said. “For some people, it might be about getting to state, but overall it’s just to get in shape and improve your speed.”

Most of the cross country members, like sophomore Reese McDevitt, have their own concerns or matters to focus on; however, that doesn’t stop them from making sure their teammates are (quite literally) on their feet. 

“We all have personal goals,” McDevitt said. “But I like trying to bring my team up and helping them achieve theirs too.”

As of right now this season, McDevitt has earned four individual titles on the team after she recently won the GAC South Championships. 

For those who are looking to build stamina or want to focus more on getting in shape, perhaps while preparing to join another sport, Cross Country is one of the best ways to do so. Of course, there is a fun and supportive environment that the group prides itself upon.

Laney Parmeley paces herself as she runs. Her goal was just within reach! (Tim Brown)

“It will change you; it will make you mentally stronger, and it will make you physically fit,” Rudebeck said. “And everybody there is so nice.”

Becoming a part of a group of people such as a sports team definitely has benefits. In addition to the overall inviting and inclusive atmosphere one is placed in when participating, many of these activities (cross country included) allow for an extent of self-pacing to further encourage students to find their level of comfortability and push themselves as they see fit.  

“Having a sport in the fall is really good,” McDevitt said. “You can do as little as you want or you can do as much as you want. I think this is a really good sport.”