Progress in NHS


Isabella Totra

NHS members learn more about the general layout of the school year.

From helping with the STUCO Mac and Cheese food drive to working at a Speech and Debate tournament, NHS has been hard at work this year. Under the guidance of the sponsor, Mrs. Dena Dauve, NHS has been volunteering and assisting in many school programs.

After one of the previous sponsors of NHS left, they are looking for an assistant for Mrs. Dauve. She believes that it’s neccessary for an organization to have a good executive board, and consequently thinks very highly of the current board members and their progress. 

“Having a strong executive board is really helpful, so this year’s board is awesome,” Mrs. Dauve said. “We’re in the process of finding an assistant for me, since Mrs. Fay is the assistant for STUCO now, we need to replace her.”

Senior board member Kaylee Wright, thinks highly of the progress NHS has made this year. Although she believes that there is one problem with NHS right now, it can easily be seen as a positive.

“I think the only issue is that we have so many people who want to be involved that there’s almost not enough space for people even though they want to get involved,” Wright said.

Although there may be some struggle in giving everyone who wants to volunteer an opportunity, it also helps to create a wonderful community where everyone is enthusiastic about helping others. For example, junior Olivia Snell enjoys the community because of how everyone wants to contribute and assist those around them. 

“I like the community because everyone’s very passionate about helping out everyone around the school,” Snell said. “There’s just a lot of opportunities to help out people.”

NHS aids those in the community that need it, and Mrs. Dauve is working to get NHS involved in many different projects.

“We help the custodial staff with cleaning different areas of the school because there’s a big need for that,” Mrs. Dauve said. “We will be doing our yearly TJs fundraiser that’s coming up and we use the fundraiser to help alleviate costs of supplies for our members.”

After the last couple meetings for NHS, Senior board member Zain Bari is positive about the progress made thus far in the club.

NHS officers Lizy Lopez, Ximena Avila-Camarena, Kayla Wejzgrowicz, and Zain Bari remind members of the eligibility requirements for NHS. (Isabella Totra)

“The past few officer meetings we’ve kind of just talked a little bit about what service projects we want to do. And then just getting the agenda ready for actual meetings,” Bari said. “The president, Lizzie Lopez, generally just runs it and goes over the agenda and tells people what our schedule is gonna be for next few months. Overall it’s running smoothly.”