Ice Ice Baby


Carson Mcclintock stands in front of opposing player.

The FHC hockey team won 4-3 in an intense battle for glory at their last hockey game on Friday 9th at the Rec Plex. Through the successful goals of hockey players Seeger Trendley, Jay Wynn, Jacob Haas, and Dylan Winkelmann, the team came out on top with their second win of the season, perservering through fights and injuries that occured on the dangerous rink. 

After getting a new coach, and a short adjustment period, which caused the team to lose a few of their games, the team is now ready to dominate the rest of the season. 

Senior Braden Silver, who plays as a forward, was spoken to before the game, and displayed hope that it would be better than their last match of which they lost. That hope turned out to be in good faith, as the team turned out triumphant. 

“We were missing a lot of people against Holt, which is why it was so bad,” Silver said. “But we’ll have all of our guys back, so it should be better.”

Due to the last year seniors graduating, many freshmen have filled those empty spots. Senior defense Nathan Reitz thinks that the team is adjusting and adapting to the changes, and once everything has settled, the team will be stronger than ever. 

“There’s a lot of freshmen so they’re all kind of getting used to the high school style, and there’s a new coach so everything takes a second to adjust.” Reitz said.

Nathan Reitz follows the puck. (Ava Reyes)

Junior Dylan Gonz, who plays the goalie, has also noticed the influx of freshmen on the team. Gonz thinks of the team as friends, and the new teammates don’t seem to be having a problem fitting in with the already tight knit group.

 “We’ve been good friends since I started playing for the team,” Gonz said. “A lot of the freshmen are pretty cool and we get along with them.” 

Although Gonz has been playing for four seasons, he expresses that he is less excited for it than his teammates due to the inexperience of some players. Despite this, he is very happy about the coach change, and even though it will take time to get back into the groove of the game, he’s ready to see what’s in store for the team. 

“People don’t know how to do the drills but we’re getting it back together,” Gonz said “It’s kind of a rough rebuild season for our team, but it’ll get better. The new coach is very good compared to last year.”