Off-Season Opportunity


Every athlete knows that working on your game during off-season is imperative to successful on season. The workouts are led by Coach Eddie Mulholland, he has them do things ranging from conditioning, weight lifting, mobility and soccer drills. These workouts are great for the team as they get time to work on their strength and endurance before the spring season arrives. Another benefit that comes with these workouts is for underclassmen that may have never worked out, Coach Moe and upperclassmen demonstrate healthy and good routines that the younger girls can carry with them, according to seniorĀ Gianna Bruenning.

“It’s a good way to get started in the winter time because its harder to run outside and workout when it’s so cold out,” Bruenning said. “It’s just really convenient for those who can’t afford a gym membership. You can just come up to the school and be part of a team.”

The women’s soccer teams hard off-season work will most definitely pay off in their upcoming season. Their tryouts begin Feb. 27.