Band-ing Together


Liam Nachrtab and Noah Layman play at the last band concert. Nachtram is very passionate about his trombone playing.

[Band] really connects people. Like, [it’s] the type of thing that you definitely feel like you have a place.

— Izaac Box

Band is picking up the tempo as they enter their spring season. State competitions, recruitment opportunities, and the Fine Arts Festival are just a few of the many events the band is participating in this semester. 

There are a variety of musical opportunities in the Band, from wind ensembles to marching bands, there is a place for everyone in room 006. Junior, Izaac Box, who has been participating in the band since his freshman year, has benefited greatly from the amount of band opportunities FHC offers.

The A-Band plays a familiar song during a break in the action during the girl’s basketball game on Dec. 19 in order to pump up the crowd. “I show up for the connections and moments that we make together,” Izzy Hoffeditz said. (Aniya Sparrow)

“There’s different types of bands. Concert and jazz bands prepare for winter and spring concerts. Then there’s other bands you can join to participate in like Marching Band. That season goes from the summer to October. [Marching Band]  plays at home football games, and competes with other schools at competitions. There’s A-Band during winter and spring, where we play at basketball games and there’s also Brass Ensemble, and Wood Wind Ensemble, which meet once a week after school,” says Box. 

Band members work hard to accomplish their success. Junior, Emile Hartwell, thinks what sets the band apart from other extracurriculars is this attitude of commitment and hard work.

“I think there is a certain aspect of the work that we have to put in our rehearsals everyday after school. For the marching band we meet from 2:30-5. While other students have jobs and stuff, we just do band,” said Hartwell.

The hard work pays off however, not only is the band well accomplished, but they are also one of the closest groups of people at FHC. The Spartan Band isn’t just a club, it’s a family. Both Box and Hartwell had a lot to share on how the band has personally impacted them. 

“[The band is] where I made most of my friends in high school and where I’ve been most accepted. I feel like I can really be myself with all of them,” says Hartwell.

The band waits to start the concert. (Aniya Sparrow)

Box also highly recommends the band to anyone who is interested. He states that it provides a guarantee for anyone looking for a fun and exciting friend group, and family. Band is therapeutic for many students as well, allowing them to process and express their emotions through music.

“I feel like it gives me just like a way to express feelings and express myself in different ways. It also really connects people. Like, that’s the type of thing that you definitely feel like you have a place. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing. You know that like there’s other people around you and that you’re not alone. It also gives you a way to have an escape from everything and to express yourself. It’s awesome.