Review: ‘New Moon’

The Twilight saga phenomenon took another painful turn with the release of “New Moon” this Friday. The long-awaited sequel to “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer was an agonizing two hours and some exchange of excruciatingly bad dialogue, along with dreadfully wax-like acting. The novel-turned-movie left me mortified by the terrible portrayal of the once upon a time terrifying fantasy characters that were vampires and werewolves. With seemingly every other line leaving women feeling helpless and men feeling embarrassed, the picture provided countless corny love lines and action scenes that outwardly taunted its viewers with the possibility of good screenplay.

Although noticeably better than the first movie, “New Moon” continued to disappoint. The story seemed to duplicate itself through the actions of Jacob (the werewolf) and Edward (the vampire), making it impossible to not know exactly what was coming, exactly when it was coming. The ending was less than pleasing; however, it did signify the closing of a waste of time and money, which made myself and I am sure many others, happy. “New Moon” is a movie that should be viewed when it makes its way to the dollar movie theater for comedic purposes only.