Review: ‘Hello Hurricane’

As my iTunes started playing, I was instantly disappointed with this CD. Instead of Switchfoot’s usual upbeat rhythms and lyrics, they now are slow and depressing. I found the CD full of songs about heartbreak, such as “Mess of Me” and “Enough to Let Me Go.” Even still, these songs were contradicted by other positive love songs: “Your Love is a Song” and “Hello Hurricane.” I believe that this CD was rushed and the producers just wanted to put out another CD. The track choices and order, well, everything was in bad taste. Why would you have conflicting ideas on the same CD?

The new CD reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie, but with worse singing and lyrics. I would much rather suggest something by them, or an old Switchfoot CD, back when they were good.

All of the songs on this CD have one catchy rhythm or verse that is just repeated as much as possible, possibly to make you go insane. The guitar rhythms are the worst. Just the same thing, over and over. Then, wait! The same thing, but louder! Do they really think that makes a difference? Or just having rhythms palm-muted and then open? It gets old VERY quickly.

The ONLY, and I mean only, upbeat song on the CD is “Bullet Soul.” Sure, the song is upbeat and fast, but I hope you do not expect any depth to the song. Again, just repeated lyrics. To Switchfoot fans, I say: Do not get this CD; it is not what you expect. And to others just trying to get into the band: Go look at their old stuff, and do not give this CD a second thought. Buy a meaningful CD such as Blue October’s “Approaching Normal.” Do not waste your money on this Switchfoot stand in.