Keeping Up The Energy


Landon Cann takes a long stride and cocks his arm back before releasing his pitch.

This 2023 season includes a roster packed with 12 seniors and several college commits. Although the team has managed a 18-16 record after a rough start, The Spartans picked right back up and went on a seven-game winning streak and did well the rest of the year.

Majority of the seniors have been together since freshman year, building their games together, and developing numerous friendships. With all that and the past years deep playoff run with half of the roster returning, alot was expected personally but it didn’t go as planned. The Spartans picked up though as Senior Wyatt Miller explains how they got through the season. 

“We actually haven’t performed as well as we thought we were going to. We got comfortable with the season and stopped making as many errors, our approach changed on the plate, we started playing more for the team. Rather than just taking swings for yourselves,” Miller said. 

As the team continued to grow, the energy got better, a team filled with several year friends excited to play the game they have for their whole lives. Certain players such as senior Quentin Kluesner help to maintain the energy.  

Conferring with his team on the mound, Coach Nick Beckmann discusses strategy during the baseball team’s 13-9 loss to Vianney on March 27. (MaryGrace Cummings)

To provide a little background of Kluesner’s vitality, over seven members of the baseball team were asked “Whos most likely too,” Questions. Kluesner was unanimous for multiple questions such as “Who’s most likely to have the craziest pregame prep?” “Who’s most lively at practice?” And “Whos most likely get thrown out the game.” Kluesner isn’t blind to it either, as he continued to answer himself for every single other extroverted question. 

Kluesner isn’t the only one who keeps the energy up. If the tempo isn’t right the team is bound to check each other. As junior Tucker Thompson provides insight into how they stay afloat.

“It’s always someone new, like it’s never the same person, we all realize that we’re getting a little quiet and we have to pick it up,” Thompson said.

The ability for so many people to back each other up with so much self belief and excitement gives them what they need to face the top teams with mlb prospects and power 5 college commits and come out victorious. 

“The only difference between wins and losses is coming into the game with high energy,” Thompson said.

This is Thompson’s first year on varsity, being able to play with upperclassmen that spread the energy around will be great for the state tournament. The Spartans are the 5th seed soon facing a well-rounded Timberland team. If the Spartans can keep the tempo and ground from their past playoff experience an exciting run is bound to happen.