Review: ‘Ocean Eyes’

Catchy, fantastical lyrics and upbeat tunes lead a listener on an imaginative journey, where he receives “hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs” as he listens to Owl City’s new CD “Ocean Eyes.” However, many of the songs on the CD sound extremely similar. Comparatively, there is little difference between popular “Vanilla Twilight'” and ridiculously overplayed “Fireflies,” besides a change in lyrics. Both songs, when listened to more than once, become annoying and can grate on anyone’s nerves.

While I admit that much of Owl City’s music sounds like any other run-of-the-mill computer-generated pop band, I think they have a little more to offer to listeners than just music. They are nearly the only “family friendly” band that is popular in today’s society, and they maintain upbeat, happy sounds, as opposed to many bands that curse frequently (usually excessively) and sing about how much they hate people, their lives and even more so, their parents. So if you do not like music that curses and sings about how much it hates the world, then Owl City is a great listen, unless of course you like good quality music…then I would look elsewhere.