Review: ‘Smile Kid’

We the Kings’ sophomore album, “Smile Kid,” is filled with infectious tunes and clever lyrics. Every song on this album is dance-worthy, and listeners will find themselves knowing the lyrics just after a few listens. After buying this CD only a few days ago, I have already listened to “Smile Kid” at least five times through.

The first song, “She Takes Me High,” shows off the powerful vocals of lead singer Travis Clark. The fast-paced rhythm between the drums and the guitar forces feet to tap and heads to sway. The single off of this album, “Heaven Can Wait,” does not disappoint. The synth-keyboard adds to the catchyness; it differs from what We the Kings normally do, but it works.

One thing We the Kings keeps consistent throughout this album and its album prior is the theme. The message of love drips out of these songs written by Clark.

“Summer Love” is one of the best songs on the album, with Clark belting out “Last night, I came across a GIRL. We met eyes and for the first time I finally felt ALIVE. I could not move my BONES,” listeners can feel his passion and pick up the intensity of this song right away.

All songs on the album that start out like a slow ballad,quickly pick up tempo and turn into dance worthy material.

I was most pleasantly surprised by “We’ll Be a Dream” featuring Demi Lovato. Clark and Lovato shine in their duet, showing raw talent I was impressed by. Clark has pipes that I was not expecting, and Lovato being only 17, is talented beyond her years.

“Smile Kid” is without a doubt, worth the purchase. No songs on this album should be bypassed because every song is just as good as the one before.