Review: Marina and the Diamonds

Singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis broke into the music scene in 2008.

Having composed songs in 2007 using Apple’s Garageband, Diamandis was spotted by music scouter Derek Davies of Neon Gold Records.

Diamandis, now the lead singer of Marina and the Diamonds, brings a folk feel to a techno beat in her music.

Released originally in February of 2009, the band’s song “Mowgli’s Road” was rerecorded and released to the public in November as a single from the bands upcoming album “The Family Jewels,” to be released February of this year. While lyrics are left up to interpretation, the song gives listeners a mix of Lady Gaga and Shakira (without the Spanish).

In June of 2009, the song “I Am Not A Robot” shows a softer sound from Marina and the Diamonds. Although the electric sound is still present, listeners with a more mellow taste should be satisfied by this laid back song.

Due to officially release on Feb. 1, the song “Hollywood” has music videos of both the original recording and a acoustic recording of the song. Diamandis comes out with a more straightforward lyric for this song, with lines like, “I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America.”

Marina and the Diamond’s singles and EP’s are available on iTunes and some are available on the band’s website,