Review: ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Blue Sky’

If you have ever listened to any of Ok Go’s past albums, then their newest one will most likely shock you. Compared to their self titled album and “Oh No” that both focused more on steady rock, “Of the Colour of the Blue Sky” has much more of a 70’s funk/psychedelic sound. Their hit single “WTF?” is my favorite song on the album. Leader singer Damian Kulash glides through the song with soothing vocals that support the synth in the background recreating a 70’s reminiscent style.

This whole album is like a 13 course meal. Every song complements the one after it; each one is different and even the last song is anticipated because it is just as good as the first course.

Ok Go is known for their innovative videos and this CD, along with excellent songs are accompanied with great videos, “WTF?” and “This Too Shall Pass.”

“This Too Shall Pass” is performed in partnership with the Notre Dame marching band. I respect any artist who can who can collaborate with a marching band and produce a sweet song.

The beginning of “White Knuckles” and “End Love” sound like someone just turned on a track at a disco club. I’ve never really been into 70’s music before, but this song makes me want to break out like John Travolta on the dance floor.

“Of the Blue Colour of the Blue Sky” is an album definitely worth buying. It is new, innovative, but still has the same charm of their past albums.