Review: ‘Youth in Revolt’

As a contrasting opinion to those who believe ‘Youth in Revolt’ is hilariously witty and comedic, I believe the movie happened to fall more on the side of mildly entertaining with bouts of hilarity. Perhaps it could have been the fact that I walked into the movie theater expecting a side-splitting good time that I was left a little disappointed.

I expect a lot of Michael Cera, and I just didn’t get what I hoped for. Is he already falling into the Will Ferrell trap? The one where he plays the same character over and over so much that we all just say enough is enough? I’m not saying Michael Cera is already in that deep, but as an interested fan I find myself concerned. His compulsion to constantly play awkward teenage boys searching for love or sex is getting old quick.

Michael Cera aside, the plot was sound enough, and there were a few genuine moments of laughter, and also a few generic. I found myself more involved after the introduction of Justin Long into the film. The story became a bit more interesting. Some parts even left you mildly chuckling, asking yourself if you really just saw that.

All in all, ‘Youth in Revolt’ is generally pleasing. If you are one of those types who likes to visit the theater frequently just to visit it should see the movie if you deem it absolutely necessary. Otherwise, save the nine bucks and wait for it to come out on DVD.

I wonder if the book is any better…