Review: ‘Contra’

The new Vampire Weekend album “Contra” is simply delightful. I’d have to say that’s the best way to describe it. Refreshing and simply delightful. Each song has intricate beats and sweet sounding lyrics that are nothing short of feel-good.

At first listen, I was automatically engulfed in the light, island sound the album possessed. It is positively dripping with forced rhymes and simple lyrical treats that I completely adore. I’m pretty positive any bad day could be turned around with a few short lines sung from the lips of front man Ezra Koenig. His voice is unique and plays a big role in the interesting sound familiar with Vampire Weekend.

The first track on the album “Horchata” is currently my favorite, but that’s not to say the others that follow aren’t just as enjoyable. Touching lyrics about pincher crabs, and drinking Horchata truly evoke good feelings of familiarity to things that really aren’t familiar at all. I know that’s a strange way to explain my feelings toward this track, but there really is no other way. It’s familiar, it feels good, it feels happy.

Another song I’m really in love with on “Contra” is “Taxi Cab.” Once again the lyrics are simple and sweet; I really think there is something to be said about a band that doesn’t try too hard to produce a song thats just genuinely good.

First listeners of Vampire Weekend might be hit with a sense of confusion. Don’t worry, the quality and beauty of their sound is a bit overwhelming and should be taken one song at a time. I have no doubt that anyone willing to listen to this album with an open mind will fall head over heals for it with time. “Contra” is their best stuff by far, and I already find myself anxiously anticipating the future advancements of the band.