Review: The Family Jewels

On her debut album, Marina Diamondis makes claims that she is not a robot, that you are vulnerable,  and oh, Lord, she has been told to take the unforsaken road. Complex lyrics were not the only thing brought to the table by Marina and the Diamonds;  a fresh pop sound is featured on the newly released album The Family Jewels.

Diamondis’ vocals on this album are completely intriguing. With runs that could give Mariah Carey a run for her money, Diamondis certainly pulls out all the stops on this album.

On the album are four previously released singles, “I Am Not a Robot” “Hollywood” “Obsessions”  and “Mowgli’s Road.” Although these songs were previously released, the songs are by far the most popular and most listened to.

Diamondis’ song “Hollywood” takes a stance against a “Tall, tanned, hot blond called Anya”  and hollywood wives everywhere. The techno-acoustic beats give Diamondis’ voice a summer feel.

“Mowgli’s Road” takes the album to a completely new level. Prior to this song, Diamondis was considered to be odd, but this song heightens her complexity and intrigue. Diamondis has “ten silver spoons coming after [her],” and they do not seem to be catching her anytime soon.

This album proves to be a completely original and unique album; whether it is  song lyrics, vocals or beats, Diamondis is doing something right.

It seems that the media’s standards will not be getting under Diamondis’ skin in the near future.