Review: ‘Of Men and Angels’

Before even purchasing The Rocket Summer’s “Of Men and Angels,” I was met with high expectations. Knowing that it was sold out in many stores, I thought it had to be a fantastic album. For the most part, the album did not disappoint; it was filled with infectious beats and plenty of tunes that are so catchy they become stuck in your head.

Upon first listen, all of the songs were spectacular. Especially “You Gotta Believe,” where Avery echoes the “Whoa’s”, and after the chorus you are already singing along.  “I Need a Break.. But I’d Rather Have a Breakthrough” is another song with catchy lyrics and melody.

Bryce Avary records and produces every instrument and vocal for this album like he does with every one his albums, which shows how multi-faceted he is as an artist.

After a few listens through the album, I notice that many of the songs sound similar and blend together. “This is a Refuge” and “Light” sound all too similar. “Japanese Exchange Student” is one of Avary’s weaker songs. In certain points throughout the song, he sounds very pitchy and after a few seconds, it gets annoying and very generic. “Walls” is one of the best songs that showcases Avary’s lyrical and vocal ability. This song is a nice change of pace from the rest of the fast-paced album.

I’m glad I bought this album, even though it required a lot of searching. If you are a fan of The Rocket Summer’s previous albums, you will enjoy this one. If you are a new listener, check it out on the band’s MySpace before purchasing.