Review: ‘Worst Debut Album Ever’

Cliches are one of those terms in literature that I hate to use, but when listening to one man band, Henry Dillard’s Without a Face, it is true that you should not judge a book (or album in this case) by its cover. Between the title, “Worst Debut Album Ever”, and the hand drawn album artwork most people would not give this CD a chance, but I feel just the opposite, these components are all the more intriguing.

All of his songs are very simple, just Dillard and his guitar. Not every note or chord is perfect, but that is what makes this album all the more enjoyable, it feels real.

Every one of his songs is great lyrically. Some of my favorites are “The Band Broke Up (Intro)” and “Without a Myspace”. His comical lines such as ,”Talk amongst yourselves while I just play” and “Don’t give me a chance I ain’t got a band, don’t give me a chance Papa Roach fans.” Many are funny and clever, while still staying low on the cheesy scale.

The only part of the part of the CD that I am still confused about is, “Worst Intermission Ever”, (this time it is just as bad as the title suggests). There is no singing, only dialog and I will not go into the details of what is being discussed in this (it’s a little bizarre).

Overall, this is a good album to check out. It is simple, silly, and there are definitely no gimmicks; it is a record without the extra nonsense.