Review: ‘V’

I must admit, it is hard for me to get interested in a TV series. Many shows simply do not hold my interest for more than a few weeks, or I become unhappy with a show after a couple of minutes. However, one show this season has been an exception: ABC’s sci-fi drama “V”.

“V” is a re-imagination of a 1980’s TV mini-series and features such actors as Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell. The premise of the series is the arrival of aliens, known as the visitors, have come to Earth to spread peace and help the world with its problems. However, everything is not as it seems. The show features a group of humans and visitors that have lost trust with the aliens and follows their exploits into the true intentions of the visitors. The show features violence as the resistance tries to fight the visitors, drama and romances between visitors and humans that only complicate the efforts of both sides. This always leaves me on the edge of my couch awaiting what will happen next.

While it is classified as a science fiction series, some aspects of “V” make it stand out from other sci-fi series. For one, while the majority of each hour-long episode deals with the visitors, there is still plenty of human emotion. This human emotion makes you realize that even though this is a society in which aliens live in, life goes on for humans, and the timeless problems of man are still exposed and dealt with in a realistic manner that heightens how enjoyable the show is. It is out of this world, but still human at the same time. This makes for a good mix and causes “V” to be one of my new favorite shows.