Review: American Idiot Musical

As I would expect most of you to know, Green Day had huge success with their album “American Idiot.”

“The album sold over 15 million copies, went platinum five times and won a grammy for best rock album,” according to CBS.

Well, the album was written as what is known as a “rock opera.” A rock opera is an album that tells a story throughout the cd. The first band credited with doing this was The Who in their album “Quadrophenia.” But many other bands have employed this tactic, heck, even My Chemical Romance has used this on their albums. Most of the time artists doom themselves with this (again, My Chemical Romance). Putting a storyline into an album without giving it away too easily or ruining songs is always the downfall, but Green Day sure pulled it off (the numbers are strongly on their side).

Well as it is with most of these rock operas, the album was turned into just that: a musical. The show opened on April 20, and the soundtrack came out on the April 19. I do have to say, this album is incredible. Sure, some may argue that part of Billy Joe’s angst is lost within the transition to its musical from. But I would have to argue with that citing all of the profane language that is still used. Just changing how it is sung does nothing to the meaning. But lets talk about the album now, shall we?

The CD starts off just like the original: with “American Idiot.” I must say the revision of this song is top notch. The combination of male and female singers is amazing.

Now onto my favorite song on this CD (I cannot go through every single song in this review because there are 22 of them): “Jesus of Suburbia .” For this song they start out with two male singers (John Gallagher Jr. and Michael Esper). These two sure do knock it out of the park. The song is wonderful. Perfect down to every note. The alternating lines especially reminds me of Taking Back Sunday, except with a punk attitude. Lines alternated like “To fall in love,” then followed by “And fall in debt.” The alternations are flawless and exaggerate what is being said with the lyrics. Oh, and did I mention that you can actually understand what they are saying? Nothing against Billy Joe but his singing is not exactly musical quality. Once the professional singers are added lines are much clearer and much easier to understand. It actually makes the songs much easier to relate to.

The show/album is a mix of the albums “American Idiot” and “21st Century Breakdown” with a few revisions too. It is the same basic principal throughout: Green Day songs with amazing singers. That is, until you reach “Last of the American Girls/She’s a Rebel.” Now this song sure gives me something to talk about. The work done is genius . As you may recall these are two different songs, but in the show they combine them into one. I must say this creates and amazing sound. The songs actually sound perfect together, almost as if written to be that way.

An example would be: “She is one of a kind, well she’s the last of the American girls. She’s a rebel, she’s a saint.” As you can see, the songs match up perfectly.

All and all this album ceases to amaze me. Sure, it is just the same songs re-released, but all the added parts and replacements are well worth the price. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who asked. Not only can Green Day fans get behind this CD, but it also appeals to people who did not like Green Day before. I give this album and amazing review just as critics are giving the musical the same.