Review: ‘Everything Collide’

“Everything Collide” is Sing It Loud’s sophomore album. The first time I listened to this album I was not blown away by the album as a whole. All of the faster songs sounded the same and I could not decipher when one song had changed from the previous. At first “Sugar Sweet” and “Thunderstorms” sounded identical to someone who had just picked up the album. The more impressive songs are the slower ones such as “Believe in Me” and “Wonder Why.” It’s unusual, but the three or four songs on the album are the ones that become easily forgettable and slightly annoying. The second half of the songs on the album are much stronger for the group. They show off leader singer’s Pat Brown’s vocals much better and the pace of the album  is much more unique than the  constant slew “radio hits” in the first half. The best song on this album is “Light It Up” the listeners can hear how much the lyrics mean to them because they are showing it with so much emotion in this song. Lines such as  “I pretend that I like the way that your promises never seem to stay,” and “Show me who we are today because I think we are falling out” are sung with such emotion that you can feel Brown’s anger.

Compared to their debut album, “Come Around”, “Everything Collide” is much more mature in lyrics and sound. There are still some songs that fall back to their immature pop sound, but overall this album has solid hints of country and southern rock. This is the perfect summertime album, whether you blast it in your car or sit on your front porch with a nice lemonade. I recommend going the iTunes route and just selecting the last 2/3 of the album that are true quality.