Review: Achin’ and Shakin’

When I received Laura Bell Bundy’s new two disk album, ‘Achin’ and Shakin’, I expected something close to a Carrie Underwood sound. I was completely wrong.

The album had 12 songs, but the songs were divided on to two different CD’s. (Bundy even put what kind of alcoholic beverage to drink while listening to each CD independently.)

Achin’ included six songs for the heartbroken. I listened with open ears, which was more than likely a mistake. Instead of my heart, my ears broke at the sound of the first track. Not only was the sound less than substantial, but the lyrics could make even the prettiest of song birds want to stop their singing. The songs seemed to get worse and worse as I continued listening.

By the time I had made it to the second CD, any hope I had left for Bundy’s music had disappeared. I pressed play with hesitation, and was not surprised at all by what came next. The next CD, Shakin’, seemed to have taken the same kind of songs from the first CD, sped them up, added some fiddles, recorded them and wah-la, six more just as terrible songs were created.

I suggest no one really waste their time with Bundy’s music; who knows, she may turn it around. But for now, her music is way below par.