DECA supports MDA with shamrock project

As part of a continuing effort to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, DECA is giving out paper shamrocks in return for donations.

Until this Friday, DECA will be asking for donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Those who donate a dollar or more will receive a shamrock with their name on it, which will be hung on a banner showing all of the school’s donors. The communications director, senior Jessica Reid, explained the reasoning behind the display.

“You’re asked to donate at least a dollar, and if you donate a dollar you get a shamrock. For every dollar, if you want, you get a shamrock. But it’s entirely up to you,” Reid said. “Most people, if they give $5, will just take one shamrock, because it’s not about the shamrock, it’s about the money that’s going to the kids.”

DECA has partnered with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) to raise funds to fight muscular dystrophy since 1981, according to However, FHC is not the only chapter of DECA fighting for this cause. In fact, even the effort to raise money through the shamrocks is an international effort, with high schools in every chapter of DECA participating.

“The Muscular Dystrophy Association is DECA’s main charity that they focus on, and so it’s usually expected of each chapter and the community standards to help MDA. So this year we’re doing this to help raise funds,” the DECA president, senior Sean Earl, said.

Currently, Missouri is one of the top ten states in terms of money donated to the MDA. While their current project contributes to this amount, the effort to raise money for the organization is year-round.

“With Missouri DECA last year they raised $60,000 for MDA alone. And we’re one of the top ten that raise funds, so it’s really good to just add all that up from every state and other parts across the world. Just think about how much we raise for MDA in just one year,” Earl said.


The following students will be competing in the DECA state competition:

Caleb Gossett

Tiffany Olderworth

Kaylin Knapp

Michael Lewis Wehmer

Taylor Baker

Corey Sery

Dalton First

Collin Heisel

Cassie Bianculli

Megan Kloepper

Alli Benney

Markell Sutton

Madi Wagner

Sean Earl

Abbey Schneider

Jessica Reid

Jack McCoy

Nicole Sutton

Erik Elsenrath

Luke Deiner

Zach Litzinger

Shelby Maupin

Chelsea Ayres

Cody Calhoun

Jon Gaines

Riley Brown

Cassie Calcaterra

Katelyn Viola

Graham Nave

Jennifer Modica

Molly Donovan