Mr. FHC pageant held to help raise money for fellow spartan

Freshman Bella Jones was hospitalized for a rare blood condition, and StuCo is holding a pageant to help pay for her medical bills.

The parody of all pageants. The king of Sparta(ns). Mr. FHC will rule our school with his ability to entertain, talents, knowledge, and his dashing good looks. Mr. FHC will compete for titles such as Mr. Flirt, Mr. Moneybags (for the contestant who sells the most tickets and collects the most money during the event), and Mr. Confident, they will be  in a talent and formal wear competition, and will answer some trivia questions.

Mr. FHC is a fundraiser for freshman Bella Jones, who has a rare blood condition called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). All funds raised will go to help pay for Jones’ medical bills and recovery expenses. Also, after hearing the amount of fun Howell and North had at their pageants, StuCo decided to try it.

“We have heard how much the students at FHN and FHHS have loved their versions of this pageant, and have wanted to give it a try here for a very long time,” said StuCo sponsor Mrs. Vicki Pohlman. “We think it’s a great way to highlight some of our Spartans and ring in spring. It’s simply a night of fun to raise money to help out a fellow Spartan.”

Jones was in the hospital from Jan. 13 to Feb 5. She goes back to the hospital every Thursday for chemotherapy treatment.

“All the support from my friends and the school really helps, and it keeps me positive and have hope that I can defeat it because everyone believes in me,” Jones said. “I think it’s so cool and so nice for all of these fundraisers and the school being involved in trying to help me. It amazes me that they all don’t even personally know me, but they want to help.”

Jones is feeling better and better every day, but she does have some rough patches.

“I am feeling pretty well, but I have some bad days though, like after my chemo treatments I don’t always feel the best, but I tough through it,” Jones said.

The deadline to sign up for Mr. FHC was Friday, but there are still more opportunities to help out. Freshman Nathan Smith is selling “Bounce Back Bella” T-shirts for $15. Smith’s father owns a non-profit organization called “Kickers and Keepers” which provides athletes in the area with financial problems a chance to play. All of the money raised from the sales of the shirt will be donated.

“The cheer team at Timberland all bought (the shirts) and cheered in them to show support for Bella,” Smith said. “Not just there, but Saeger and Fairmount have become greatly involved as well. Just out of the blue to undergo something so tragic is horrible, but she has done an amazing job with coping and fighting back, and it really makes you realize how much of a blessing good health is.”

Smith is very excited and happy to see the measures that the school has taken to help her.

“Dr. Arnel and Mr. Harris have been great with with giving opportunities to help her,” Smith said. “StuCo has made a huge impact with the extra money raised going to the Jones’ family.”

Smith and Jones are very close friends and hope, as do all of Spartan Nation, that Jones recovers well.

“The most amazing thing to me, though, is how incredibly strong Bella is. Without hair, many girls would be scared or want a wig if they went through this, but it amazes me how Bella is just so willing to go out in public and not cover up her head,” Smith said. “She has no problem being around anyone and she is just as before, except her confidence levels have skyrocketed, honestly making me jealous. And to know that Bella is this strong inspires me, and I look up to her and her confidence. Many, as well as myself, are hoping for a quick recovery. Stay strong, and Bounce Back Bella.”