A night to remember

Homecoming week has always been a week filled with school spirit. From white out shirts to GQ day, spirit week is a week for spirit. Last Friday on the football field, the Francis Howell Central Spartans took on the Timberland Wolves in a game to remember. The Spartans were down 16 at halftime and came back during the second half, holding the Wolves scoreless.

“I was confident we would win; you have to be. As long as we stopped making the mental mistakes, we would bring it home,” said senior Kaleb Cooper.

Cooper is the starting fullback and safety. He said the feeling of winning the first Homecoming game in five years is indescribable.

“I was extremely happy for the team and the seniors. We hadn’t been doing well in the previous games, but the team really worked hard, and we became a more physical team and became victorious,” said Coach Todd Berck.

He also believes the team did so well because of the support of the fans and the amazing school spirit they had this week.

“You can’t win without that 12th man, aka the crowd. They help you. They drive you to win,” said senior Jonathan Langford.

At the end of the game the crowd rushed the field, even though the teachers were blocking their path. In the end, the teachers let the students celebrate their Homecoming victory.

“That was the best crowd I have ever seen in my whole high school career,” said junior Daulton Daies.

According to the above football players, the school spirit really helps them win. It gets them pumped up, and when the crowd believes in the them, they believe in themselves. The game was very emotional to some of the players, like junior Brett Davis.

“I was so tired, but also really excited. I ended up crying in celebration,” said Davis