Review: ‘Habits’

Hearing the band name “Neon Trees” for the first time, I got the image of another band that uses computers to enhance nearly every aspect of there music, and with that thought in my head I clicked shuffle and allowed “Sins Of My Youth” to completely blow me away; pleasantly surprised by their more natural and unique sound, if you’re a fan of The Killers or Muse, there’s a guaranteed satisfaction for Neon Trees. Being a huge fan of both of these bands I was already pulled in, and then as I began to listen to the lyrics I was swept off my feet by the sincere and charming lyrics backed up by the powerful voice of Tyler Glynn.

The song “Sins Of My Youth” provides a refreshing look at childhood, as he reminisces without regrets on the mistakes he has made with the honest realization that had he not made these mistakes he would not be who he is today.

The Neon Trees lyrics have an upbeat honest message behind all of their songs so as a listener, you’re never left the feeling of having no hope.

With eight songs on the album, each of them has its own personality with songs like “Animal” that pull you out of your seat and have you singing along before you even know what you’re listening to, to songs like “Our War” that make you just want to sit back and think about everything. Each with its own message, but all with the same end result leaving you with the “heart-on-your-sleeve” feel good emotion that makes you proud of who you are.