Review: ‘The Social Network’

I went into “The Social Network” with curiosity and came out thinking it was a good $9.50 spent. I knew going in this movie would be dramatized a lot, so there is no clear explanation about what really happened with these people. There are a lot of haters for this movie because it’s about Facebook, but past that, by the end I believe people will see the true purpose of the story that is being told here.

The film is told through flashbacks during two simultaneous lawsuits going on against Mark Zuckerberg. I heard a lot about how Mark’s character was portrayed as a jerk, but after seeing the movie I would disagree with these accusations, I pitied the character, which I think was the point.

Jesse Eisenberg does a great job of balancing the portrayal of a socially awkward guy and a pompous computer genius. Eduardo Saverin, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, is the guy who the audience is rooting for. The one person who was nice to Mark through thick and thin is backs tabbed and wants his cut back. The broken relationship between these former best friends is what drives the movie.

It prompted me to ask some questions of my own about the relationships I have in my life. The final big performance I have to mention is Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of Sean Parker, the co-creator of Napster. Timberlake adds so much energy to the already terrific performances. I thought the cool guy persona was perfectly done, even though I didn’t like who he was, I enjoyed every minute he was onscreen. I highly recommend this movie because by the end even though I knew it was about Facebook, I could walk away easily forgetting that it was and be totally focused on the characters.