Review: Taylor Swift’s new single “Mine”

As my friends and I were piling up in the car and about to pull out of the school’s parking lot one day last week, we blasted the radio as a recognizable voice began to play. Before I was even able to tell who the artist was though, I was already loving the song. It ended up being Taylor Swift’s newest single, “Mine” which reminded me again why she’s one of my favorites.

Now, now, I am aware that many do not like Taylor Swift because they think she’s terrible live and edits all of her music on her albums. I can’t judge how she sounds in concert because I’ve never seen her live, but I’ve heard both good and bad reviews from friends and eventually I plan to see for myself. But, if you want to hate an artist for editing their voice on their albums, then you might as well hate every other artist, because so many of them do without us even realizing it sometimes.

Swift’s newest single was one of her better songs in my opinion. The lyrics are pretty catchy, and just after hearing it maybe once or twice you could probably already be singing along. Swift writes the kinds of songs that when you’re driving down the road and one comes on, you just have to crank it up and sing along, and by the time you even get to the chorus of “Mine,” you’re definitely singing along! All of her songs are easy for her fans to relate to and that’s one of the reasons I think she’s such a great artist, because she purposely writes about something she knows at least one fan could probably relate to in some way or another.

Her newest album was released just released about a week ago and just by listening to “Mine,” I definitely can’t wait to see what else is on the album. Make sure to check it out if you get the chance!