Review: ‘The Fire’

Senses Fail has done it again. Never before have I seen a band that can get the perfect amount of singing and screamo mixed together, but Senses Fail can do it. Their new album ‘The Fire’, which was released on Oct. 26, is nothing short of their best.

The intro track ‘The Fire’ is in no way the prominent track on the disk. In fact, I would say that it is the least noticeable of the 12. The only thing this track can be used for is the repeated imagery throughout the record being used as an example of burning a bridge. The song is good, it just is not that good. I find myself skipping this track a lot, because it just is not a stand out on the record.

Musically, the album is phenomenal. The guitar riffs are more than complex and sound similar enough to their old stuff to keep you hooked, yet new enough to draw in new listeners. I think the best way to describe this album is a mix of Saosin and From First To Last. The band has just the right amount of heavy, hard-rock parts, mixed with some nice breakdowns. I am not one for screamo, but Senses Fail has me hooked.

Just as their previous works, the album has a ton of memorable quotes. The religious criticism is also still very prominent.

“Clip my angels wings. I’m a coward, I’m a liar and a cheat. My vows all mean nothing, I’m weaker than a priest (New Year’s Eve).”

“I’m a number in a lottery. Life’s a boardwalk game God rigged to cheat (Safe House).”

As per usual, the album is incredibly cynical and mildly pessimistic. I have no doubt that the members of the band must have been through a lot in order to write such powerful songs.

“Your own daughter barely knows your face. You set the fire and then walked away, leaving everyone to clean the mess that you have made…What do I get for being your son? Nothing! (Coward).”

The most moving song on the record would have to be ‘Nero.’ With talk of Buddy Nielson’s past battles with alcohol and skin cancer, you understand how he can write such meaningful words.

“I hit the floor so hard because I’ve been getting all my therapy at the bar (Nero).” “I’ve got to lose it all if I want anything. I’ve got to lose it all if I want to be free (Irish Eyes).”

The end track on the album is titled ‘Hold On’, yet another track that never ceases to be amazing me. The track overall is moderately slow with palm muted intros and a simple chorus, the song is written for its lyrics. Yet another battle with one’s self.

“I take a final breath, breathe it in my lungs. ‘Cause everything I’ve done has made me numb. If I had just one wish it’d be to let this out (So let this out). I hold on, so hold on. But I’m still struggling I need to let go.”

In the end, I highly recommend this album. It is nothing short of breathtaking. Senses Fail does not fail to deliver with this one. Even those who are new to this band or do not like screamo will enjoy this. Go grab a copy.