Junior makes state honor choir

Junior Kyle Chumbley has made state honor choir this year, qualifying his first time.

“I was ecstatic, being in the top four out 354,” Chumbley said. “I get to perform with the top four [singers] from every school district in Missouri.”

To audition, a student either has to be a junior or senior and has to be within the top twenty in district choir. The top four out of districts and two alternates are then picked to go to state.

Then all 180 students across Missouri’s school districts who made to state honor choir will go to Tan-Tar-A, Missouri in January where they will practice for three days with a guest conductor and then perform six songs in front of their families and teachers.

“I think Kyle well deserves it, he’s a hard worker, and a really good singer,” said choir director John Varwig. “ Missouri is known to have one of the top all-state choirs, so this is truly an honor.”