Choir’s preparation is the key to success

With both their spring concert and competitions approaching, Women’s Chamber Choir has already started working on their newest songs for this semester, according to junior Melissa Mossinghoff, a member of Women’s Chamber Choir.

“At the moment we’re briefly beginning to work on music for the spring concert, as well as for our spring competitions,” said Mossinghoff. “We’re also working as individuals on solo and ensemble competition music for competitions that don’t take place until march.”

For competitions, every choir member is expected to be there, according to Mossinghoff. The music they are using for their competitions will also be some of the music that they use for their spring concert. Chamber Choir will perform at the competition in groups: Women’s Chamber Choir, Men’s Chamber Choir and both Men and Women’s chamber together. Also, there will be students who perform as soloists, trios and so on.

“Each group of chamber choir’s will perform a selection of songs that are judged on a scale of one to five (one being the highest),” said Mossinghoff. “Then the group will be moved to a different room and have to sight sing a piece of music that they have never seen, and then also be judged on the same scale.”

There are only approximately 24 spots in each choir, according to Mossinghoff; therefore, any student interested in joining Women’s or Men’s Chamber Choir for next year should speak with choir director Mr. John Varwig before the end of the year.