Bigger and better shoes

A new year brings bigger and better shoes for the underclassmen to fill in Men’s Chamber Choir, according to junior Spencer Millfelt.

Millfelt has been in Chamber Choir the last three years and has become very close with his fellow choir members. According to Millfelt, the choir did well at both its concert and at state last year, and despite losing great voices from last year, he still thinks they will do just as good this year too.

“I feel we have gotten better at developing our skills as a group, but with the old seniors gone, it sometimes feels like something’s missing,” said Millfelt. “Even without them though, we will still develop and get better.”

Millfelt thinks that although some voices can be replaced, others are irreplaceable; despite that, he still thinks the choir has improved a lot this year.

“Not much changes each year [in Chamber Choir], but we lose some great voices,” said Millfelt. “That leaves a lot of shoes to fill for the rest of us.”

With the choir making so much progress this year, Millfelt does not have doubts for the rest of this year or next for Men’s Chamber Choir.

“It’s best to try to not focus on who is leaving the group,” said Millfelt. “It’s better to think about those coming in to take over once you’re done.”