Despite a letdown, concert choir holds heads high

A new semester brings joy for some, but sorrow for concert choir. Due to the numerous snow days this semester, it will not longer be competing at its spring competition.

“We were supposed to be getting ready for a competition this spring, but we aren’t doing it anymore,” said junior Tiffany Holden. “We probably wouldn’t have been prepared in time because we’ve had so many snow days this semester already.”

Although it still has its spring concert to look forward to, Holden believes that not only will the choir as a whole be disappointed it is not competing, but the seniors especially.

“I think the fact that we aren’t doing the competition will be upsetting for the seniors because we have competed every year in choir,” said Holden.

Junior Jordan Wills thinks that not competing will be a letdown, but mostly for the new members of the choir.

“I don’t think [not competing] will hurt the choir,” said Wills. “It is just something some of the newcomers in choir this year won’t be able to experience until next year.”

Despite not being able to compete, both Wills and Holden still look forward to the choir’s upcoming concert this spring. The choir will be unleashing a lot of new songs that it has been working on for its spring concert.

“We are going to be performing a song that we have been working on since first semester,” said Holden. “We are just finally finishing perfecting it.”