Face painting at the Fall Festival

Art Club showed up to spread their spirit with face painting at the Fall Festival

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter

On Aug. 15, most fall clubs, sports, or activities inside of FHC came to the Fall Festival to show off their version of spirit. The festival was filled with performances from the school band, appearances from the fall sports teams, as well as many other attractions.

The Art Club showed up to pitch in its creativity by doing face paintings for children at the Fall Festival, but that’s not the only reason they were there.

Mrs. Judy Switzer is the new adviser of Art Club and was overseeing the students at the festival.

“We wanted to promote school spirit through the arts,” Mrs. Switzer said.

The face painting was meant for little kids, but Art Club was also trying to make connections with the parents, knowing their children are the future of FHC.

“It raises spirit for the school, spirit for Art Club and was a really good time, ” said Mrs. Switzer.

Unfortunately the turnout to the festival was not as much as many were expecting, likely due to the rain.

Junior Kayla Barillier was one of the first students to get involved in Art Club, but mentioned she was unfortunately disappointed at the Fall Festival.

“Not a whole lot of people showed up,” Barillier said.

Barillier had been preparing to do the face painting for children and was one of the main face painters at the festival.

There were four Art Club students along with Mrs. Switzer painting the children’s faces, but there was a surprising lack of children there.

Senior Alyssa Mathis didn’t participate in face painting, but she did notice a lack of children around the Art Club booth.

“There was a lot of parents walking around, but I didn’t see a whole lot kids,” Mathis commented.

Despite all of the trouble, it seemed as though the Fall Festival was good for the Art Club and for the school. This was Mrs. Switzer’s first Fall Festival and she didn’t disagree.

“It felt like we were a part of the big picture. It didn’t just feel like us, it felt like we were all a whole as Central,” Mrs. Switzer said.