Band’s Jazz Festival makes a splash

The Jazz Festival, a highly anticipated event, came and went Wednesday, Feb. 16. The Jazz Ensemble, which consists of Band Director Nathan Griffin’s sixth hour class, went to Fort Zumwalt North for this event. Both the Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Combo were featured.

At a Jazz Festival, band members from both the area and the rest of the state gather to perform pieces that their group has been working on. After both judges and other groups listen to a performance, a judge will come up to the stage and “clinic” the band that just performed.

When a judge “clinics” a band, he or she is simply giving the band various levels of advice to improve the band’s overall sound. The judge not only offers suggestions but also works directly with the band. This can include sitting in and playing with the band.

Many students enjoy this one-on-one time, for not only do they hear tips on how they can improve, but they also get to hear a professional perform right in front of their very eyes. At times, they are even given the privilege of playing with these musicians who are revered in the world of jazz music.

“[The Jazz Festival] is quite an experience,” Mr. Griffin said.