Sensations start the year off right

All the hard work and preparation the Sensations put in over the summer will finally be shown as the school year begins and games and events take off.

As school begins, students wait for the first events of the year; football games, soccer games, and pep rallies. One team that is more than ready is the Sensations, they are ready to showcase to the school just what they can do.

It is a new year, and the varsity team is kicking it into high gear getting ready to perform at the football and soccer games this semester, and basketball games next semester.

Junior Morgan Drury, three year sensation, expresses her camaraderie towards the team this year.

“I’m most excited to just spend time with the team, we have gotten really close and worked so hard over the summer and are so committed to the team. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have to bring to the plate this year,” Drury said.

Over the summer, the Sensations, along with the three new freshmen on the team have done lots of work and practice in order to become the team they are now.

Grace Davis, a freshman on the varsity team, tells how much work and practice went into their routines over summer.

“We were spending over 20 hours a week together practicing for UDA (Universal Dance Association) camp, and we became really close after that experience,” said Davis.

With all the practice they have put in, not only have they been able to perfect their dances, they have been able to create great friendships.

Junior and varsity team member Megan Butts believes that the team has improved this year in more ways than one.

“This year the team is crazy close. Whenever we can we try to go out and get dinner, we make gifts for each other, and my favorite: someone makes treats for after practice,” said Butts. “They [the freshman] have improved tremendously in just a few months. They look like they’ve been on this team forever, they never fail to make me laugh at every practice.”

Every year the routines the Sensations perform never fail to amaze. Whether they be performing at a game or a competition, they always give it their all.

“With learning new routines every week for football and soccer games, it’s been nonstop practice. Luckily the team is picking up the routines quickly and easily. This competition season is going to be a little different because we are bringing something new to the table. It’ll be a surprise for everyone, but plan on us working the floor,” said Butts.