Review: ‘Frozen’

A few months ago my brother asked if I would watch a movie with him. I was bored, so I figured it would be no big deal. I was wrong. He convinced my into watching a movie he and my dad rented, “Frozen” (R). And let me tell you, this is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my seventeen years of life.

As if the name wasn’t pretty lame, the movie was extremely predictable. It featured two guys and one of the guy’s girlfriends going to a ski resort and skiing one day, but due to their lack of money, they have the girlfriend trick the guy running the ski lift to letting them ride it for a cheaper price, or for free, and of course he does. Then the ski lift worker somehow forgets about the fact that there are three passengers still on the lift and stops the lift and leaves for the week (it’s only open on the weekends) along with every other worker at the ski resort, leaving the three people stranded on the lift.

Now, if that wasn’t stupid enough, you either make the conclusion in your head that one is going to jump or they are all going to die. A large majority of the movie was just the three of them sitting up in the ski lift thinking of ways to survive and get help, and what ends up happening is the boyfriend decides to be the “brave” one and jumps, breaks both his legs and gets mauled by a pack of wolves; his friend decides to traverse the ski lift cable, climb down the ladder and get chased and killed by wolves too, and the cord holding the ski lift rips and the girlfriend (who is still up in the ski lift this whole time and has just watched her boyfriend and friend both die) ends up falling to the ground with the lift falling on her ankle, and somehow limps to a road where a man takes her to the hospital after finding her on the side of the road.

If that isn’t a dumb movie plot, then I don’t know what is. The whole thing was predictable based off the way the producer created the movie. It was not clever or original or anything of that sort, but was literally one of the top dumbest movies I have ever seen in my life. Unless you are really strange and enjoy watching ridiculously pointless movies, then I would definitely not recommend this to anyone, ever.