Review: Never Shout Never

Remember the days when Facebook didn’t exist and we used MySpace? Well, one of the very few good things I’ve ever found about MySpace is the fact that it has pages for bands that actually lets you listen to their newest music. I remember in eighth grade a friend told me to check out a band called Nevershoutnever, and I’m glad they did because no matter what song Christofer Drew (the singer and songwriter) sings, it’s always a good one.

The first song I ever heard by him was “Here Goes Nothin’,” which is undoubtedly my favorite song by him. I don’t know why, but it’s just so catchy. A few of my other favorites are “Happy, “ “On the Brightside” and “Bigcitydreams”. All of those are some of his semi-older songs, especially “Here Goes Nothin’” which was featured in his very first EP, “The Yippee EP”.

Drew began making Indie music back in 2007 but was only known through his MySpace music page. He didn’t have a band. He alone created the music, the songs. He use to post on his profile things that inspired him to create each song, whether it was about family or friends or whatever, it was always personal and something that his fans could relate to.

Now, he has a band consisting of six people, including himself. Although his band has expanded, his music hasn’t changed a lot, but I kind of still prefer his older stuff. Drew writes songs that, after hearing it once or twice, you’ll be able to sing along to. He’s original, not afraid to be himself. You will never hear his music on the radio, you will never see him on MTV, but you will see him performing for his fans. Compared to many mainstream artists, Drew isn’t like a lot of them. A lot of them only perform for fame and fortune, but Drew doesn’t. He performs for his fans and his love for music.

So if you are ever wanting to listen to some new music, check out Christofer Drew in Nevershoutnever because it’s worth listening to.