Choirs return from Hawaiian trip

For some, spring break was time to catch up on sleep and hang with friends, but for choir students, it meant the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with members of Francis Howell High School’s choir.

Between flight delays and having to stay overnight in a Los Angeles hotel, it was a difficult journey to get to their destination, Honolulu, Hawaii, according to sophomore Becca Von.

“Getting there was insane,” said Von. “Everyone was on edge and frustrated.”

Originally the choirs were going to compete in a competition but decided not to because not enough students from each individual choir could go, junior Melissa Mossinghoff said. It was a leisure trip that was open to all choir students, and a total of 56 people attended this trip.

While they were there, the choir did a lot of different activities.

“We spent a ton of time in the International Marketplace,” said Von. “We also hiked to Diamond Head Crater.”

According to Von, they also visited the Pearl Harbor Museum, attended Germaine’s Luau, took Hula lessons, went on the Catamaran cruise and a fancy dinner cruise.

“My favorite part was looking at all the island scenery; there’s huge green mountains, oceans and island shops in the market,” said Von. “The whole relaxing-island feel to the city actually makes you feel like you’re on vacation.”