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Mrs. Solverud leads the underclassmen ensemble through their senior goodbye song.

Harmonious Endings

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter May 17, 2023

A series of rhythmic claps from students roar through the large gym as junior Zane Stephens, along with their other peers, take in the sound of praise and happiness. This is a regular feeling for Stephens...

Mrs. Bulva having fun with her students as she swings a foam sword. Photo by Samantha Castille

Ms. Bulva

May 12, 2023

Ms. Bulva, Thank you. Thank you for being caring, thank you for being yourself, thank you for everything. Every student that comes in your class is welcomed by an amazing and loving teacher who wants...

Mrs. Williams teaching a math lesson on the board.

Ms. Williams

May 12, 2023

Ms. Williams, I want to start off by saying thank you for being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your teaching, including explaining tricky content...

Photo by Ava Reyes

Ms. Spies

Emily Sirtak, Web Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2023

Dear Ms. Spies, From the very minute we were introduced leading up to now you have continued to be a positive force within my life and throughout the classroom. Never before has a teacher brought so...

Mrs. Kelley laughs with her second hour AP World History students.

Ms. Kelley

May 12, 2023

Dear Ms. Kelley,                                                                                        Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 8 to May 12,...

AP Art History teacher Michelle McCune gestures toward her white board. Mrs. McCune is the sponsor of NAHS and the head of the Fine Arts department.

Mrs. McCune

May 11, 2023

Dear Ms. McCune, All I can say is wow. I’ve never met a sweeter person in my 17 years of living. I don’t think I could find your double even if I looked through all of history. I’ve never seen...

Beckman looks at his favorite type of cookie, chocolate chip.

Mr. Beckmann

May 11, 2023

Dear Mr. Beckmann,  I still remember the giddy feeling I had last January signing up to take AP Government and Politics. History, government, and politics were always my favorite subjects in and outside...

During her third hour AP Language & Composition class, Laurie Fay discusses an essay with Amity Ianiri.

Ms. Fay

May 11, 2023

Coming into my English class has been the highlight of my day over this school year. Not only because I have classmates who I get along with - but because of our teacher, Ms. Fay. Ms. Fay is a rare type...

Ms. Fischer enjoys a light moment with her third hour students.

Ms. Fischer

May 11, 2023

Ms.Fischer, I usually walk into math class counting down the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds  before I could leave and forget everything I’ve learned that day. But now it’s the opposite. Once I...

Science teacher Melissa Broadfield discusses a concept with her third hour class.

Mrs. Broadfield

May 10, 2023

Dear Mrs. Broadfield, Thanks for being the best teacher out there, you always listen to students when needed, and your patiences with students is unforgettable, with students having rough days you make...

Smiling at the piano with her Treble Choir students, Mrs. Donna Solverud leads her students in song.

Mrs. Solverud

May 10, 2023

Mrs. Solverud, though having only been introduced to FHSD this year, has become one of my closest friends here at FHC. I’m not very musically inclined, but taking her class has proven to be one of the...

Mrs. Rowe smiles as she helps a student. Mrs. Rowe is also the sponsor of HOSA.

Mrs. Rowe

May 10, 2023

Mrs. Rowe, Whenever I walk into room 222 I can’t help but smile. You have  created an environment in your classroom where I feel at home. I am so glad I got the privilege of having you both freshman...

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