Boys swim team anticipates a win at Howell tri-meet

The boys swim team prepares for its second tri-meet of the year against Howell and Howell North. The meet will be held at the Rec-Plex from 8-10p.m.

“Based on our performances last year and our meets against Howell in the past, I feel the entire team is confident that we will come out with a win” senior Andrew Smith said.

The team took fourth out of 18 schools at its Springfield meet on Saturday Aug. 10 propelling the team forward with confidence.

“At the Springfield meet, we beat Rockhirst, Parkhill South, and Glendale High Schools, which are considered the top swim schools in the state,” Smith said. “This win gave the team assurance that with a strong work ethic, we can make it far this season.”

Facing both school rivals, the boys swim team has continued to practice daily, each swimmer specializing in their strongest swim style to make record time.

“I plan to win the breast stroke and hopefully get a state time on the 200 meter free-style relay at the tri-meet,” Smith said. “If everyone proves to make their fastest times, we will continue our streak of previous years to beat both Howell rivals.”